Yoga Teachers made in Berlin, Kreuzberg

Another teacher training has ended, and seven more yoga teachers have emerged from it, enriched physically, mentally, energetically and spiritually. Yoga teaches us to live in harmony with nature and all beings. It unites us with one another and at the same time it unites us from within, helping us to bring together our disparate parts into a conscientious whole. Our new yoga teachers are now ready to go out and spread the joy of yoga.

Yogi Sivadas’ approach is wide, teaching everything from healthy breathing and eating, ayurvedic types and the 11 bodily systems, to tackling ancient yogic scriptures and the original philosophies of humanity. The students dove into the physiology of the human body and anatomical explanation of individual yoga poses, as well as discussing big life questions and re-establishing themselves on both personal and professional levels. Furthermore, they were challenged with limitations of their own personalities and explored their energetic blockages, while also learning how to cleanse their bodies and balance their energy levels. The final week of the course gave students the practical opportunity to prepare and carry out classes on their own, equipping them with the skills and confidence to go out in the world and start teaching.

Everything we intake physically or mentally shapes and determines who we are and how we feel. And the goal of it all is to be joyful and enjoy our lives! Yoga gives us the tools to do it. If you want to reset, learn how to take care of your health and go back to things that make you your best self, join us on our next intense journey with Yogi Sivadas in January 2017.


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