Congrats and best of luck to all participants!

We've made it! The first holistic Yoga Teacher Training with Yogi Sivadas in Berlin finished on the 5th of February with 7 happy and freshly qualified yoga teachers. Together we lived through a tough yet enriching period of waking up early every morning, moving our bodies for four hours a day, exploring the connection between body and mind and deepening our understanding of Yoga. We broke up with old habits, replaced them with new and long-term healthy habits, fed our bodies with a well rounded, balanced and therapeutic valuable diet of movement, concious relaxation and cultivation of a positive attitude.

The 4 weeks of training in January have surely been an intense time for all of us and also a great opportunity to learn and profit from each others unique experiences. Anthony, April, Gaby, Kanchi, Norika, Roswitha and Waltraud - Thank you for making this training a success and the time spend together. Yogi Sivadas and I hope you appreciate all of your effort put into the training programme. We certainly do! It was a true pleasure to see each of you improving. We are all walking in the same direction - every one on his/her very own path and pace. We hope you'll keep up the effort and don't loose the gains of the January immersion into Yoga. Never hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about your own practice or teaching Yoga. Keep breathing, keep practising and keep your cool.

We're looking forward to stay in touch and hear about your progresses!


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