yoga teacher training 2017

4 weeks intensive Yoga teacher training in Berlin

End of January 2017: We are very happy about our third successful Yoga teacher training in Berlin. It has been 4 intensive weeks, packed with Asanas, Yoga Philosophy and anatomy, Mudras and Meditation. Our Yoga teacher training led by Yogi Sivadas is focused on the ┬áholistic aspects of Yoga apart from being attached to a certain ‘style’. It is about how to use your body and your movements to achieve long-term health and fitness. This doesn’t exclude achieving fitness goals but it is not our main goal. We value a balanced and healthy practice without the need to get your body into insane contortions. Traditional Yoga philosophy is an essential part of our training, brought up to date by Sivadas to fit into our modern lifestyle. In a nutshell – it is about making your mind your friend, not your enemy.

Our Yoga Teacher Training is the only 4 week intensive course in Berlin, which is run in English and led by one of Indias best Yogis. Unpretentious, small scale and authentic.